A Tech Couple had Hosted a Wedding in a Metaverse

A Tech Couple had Hosted a Wedding in a Metaverse

Metaverse is gaining prominence in today’s emerging digital space. Due to its interesting features, everyone wants to use it once in their life. Recently, San Francisco has witnessed a unique wedding in the metaverse, a tech couple Mohnot and Godbole has married in a virtual Taco Bell. Before hosting this beautiful wedding mohnot even proposed to the love of his life with a 3D-printed ring and the pair fixed the marriage with an NFT-memento marriage certificate.

The ceremony was done in a virtual space, completed with digital avatars of the couple and Taco Bell-themed decorations. The virtual guests involved real-life friends and family who were able to present in the ceremony via their digital avatars. The event was live on the internet, enabling anyone who wanted to witness this unique wedding from the comfort of their own homes.

After the ceremony, the pair conducted a virtual reception where guests could enjoy tacos and margaritas. The pair even designed a custom Taco Bell menu for this special occasion, featuring delicious Indian and American food.

What are the Future Plans of the Couple?

While the virtual wedding was a fun and unique experience, the couple has no plans of stopping there. They plan on having a physical ceremony once it is safe to do so, and they also hope to leverage their love of technology to give a memorable and immersive experience for their physical guests.

The couple’s love for technology and creativity was on full display during their virtual wedding. Their willingness to embrace new ideas and think outside of the box is a testament to the spirit of innovation that is so prevalent in San Francisco’s tech industry.