Binance to Adopt Bridgewater's DOT Employee Rating System

Binance to Adopt Bridgewater’s DOT Employee Rating System

Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance, has expressed interest in implementing the DOT employee management system developed by Ray Dalio. He mentioned this in a tweet while responding to Dalio’s criticism of Bitcoin, indicating that he sees value in the system and would like to adopt it at Binance.

Changpeng Zhao’s Response to Dalio’s Criticism

Ray Dalio recently expressed his negative opinion on Bitcoin, referring to it as “insignificant” and a poor method of preserving wealth. He also compared its value to that of Microsoft stock, which is worth three times more.

The criticism elicited various reactions from the cryptocurrency community, including a response from Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance. Unlike some crypto enthusiasts who were critical of Dalio, CZ approached the situation politely and acknowledged that Dalio had not yet understood the cryptocurrency.

Changpeng Zhao attributed Ray Dalio’s negative opinion of Bitcoin to its disconnection from any particular factor. As a hedge fund expert, Dalio may prefer a stablecoin that offers protection against inflation over Bitcoin, which has not proven an effective inflation hedge.

The DOT Employee Evaluation System at Bridgewater Associates

In 2017, Dalio demonstrated his DOT employee evaluation system at Bridgewater Associates, which was implemented as a management tool. Employees could rate each other based on over 100 attributes using an iPad app, with the ratings being transparent and visible to all employees. The process was democratic in nature.

Ray Dalio is focused on establishing positive and productive work connections. While Changpeng Zhao recognizes valuable lessons that can be learned from Dalio, including the DOT evaluation system. However, he does not support Dalio’s perspective on Bitcoin.