Binance Unleashes AI-Powered NFT Platform Bicasso

Binance Unleashes AI-Powered NFT Platform Bicasso

A plethora of AI-oriented art programs has already become household names, from Nightcafe to DeepAI. Now a new player has joined the game, promising to take the virtual experience to alluring heights! Binance, the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchange platform, has taken a leap into the burgeoning NFT space with Bicasso – an AI-powered marketplace. On Wednesday, CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) unveiled this cutting-edge platform in beta mode with just 10,000 mints available.

This move reflects CZ’s expertise and experience in the field, aiming to provide users with a unique combination of human emotions and AI power. Not only does it offer an interesting interface and customizable tools for creating high-quality NFTs, but also helps users to experience the most cutting-edge technology of this era. With Bicasso, users are sure to stand out from the crowd with their one-of-a-kind digital assets!

How does this Platform Benefit Aspiring Artists?

The fusion of AI technology and NFTs have unlocked a revolutionary opportunity for creative people. By leveraging this platform, budding artists can now transform their digital art into a masterpiece with a real monetary value! With its interesting interface and state-of-the-art tools, users are empowered to manifest their ideas and capitalize on the burgeoning crypto market.

Using the new technology, ambitious artists can upload any type of photo – be it an individual, animal, or nature scene – and apply a myriad of photogenic techniques to enhance the image’s aesthetics.

When Users can Use this Platform?

Aspiring artists who had been eagerly awaiting the new AI-focused NFT maker have received a disappointing update, as the platform is currently in a closed beta testing phase and access to it is limited. While users have gone wild over the announcement of this innovative technology, they will have to wait until wider access becomes available before they can begin utilizing its features.