The Crypto Markets are Calmer with Bitcoin Finding Fresh Support, letting the Fear Abate

Crypto Price Updates

  • Bitcoin, saw a gain of 1.20 percent on January 11. (1030 IST). The closest rival, Ethereum, increased by 0.52 percent to $1,333.08.
  • The majority of popular cryptocurrencies experienced price gains today. XRP has increased by 4.37 percent over the past day, Polygon by 0.80 percent, TRON by 1.66 percent, and Avalanche by 1.11 percent.
  • Litecoin fell 0.79 percent, Polkadot lost 0.47 percent, Solana dropped 0.37 percent, and Cardano fell 0.05 percent.
  • The total crypto market volume decreased by 16.74 percent to $34.73 billion, while the global crypto market cap increased by 0.82 percent to $855.91 billion.
  • The top gainers today are WOO Network, Mina, Holo, and Klaytn, which increased by 11.99%, 6.03%, 3.62%, and 2.09%, respectively. On the other hand, Gala, Lido DAO, and Zilliqa were among the losers, falling by 10.78%, 8.26%, and 5.81%, respectively.
  • Top meme currencies showed price increases today. Dogecoin’s price, which is at $0.07686, went up 1.46 percent in trading. To $0.00000895, Shiba Inu increased by 2.93 percent.
  • The majority of metaverse tokens were trading at discounts. Axie Infinity dropped by 0.39 percent, ApeCoin down by 1.44 percent, The Sandbox dropped by 2.85 percent, and Decentraland dropped by 2.42 percent.