Democrats Call Meta to Forbid Teens from Entering the Metaverse

Democrats Call Meta to Forbid Teens from Entering the Metaverse

Lawmakers in the U.S Senate and House of Representatives are seeking Meta, the parent company of Facebook, to prevent teenagers from opening the Metaverse platform. The Metaverse, a virtual world that enables users to connect in a 3D space, has drawn attention from lawmakers concerned about the potential risks to young people.

In a joint letter to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the lawmakers expressed their fear about the possible impact of letting teenagers access Metaverse.

What are the Potential Risks Associated with Metaverse for Teenagers?

The Risks comprises several potential hidden or unsuspected dangers for teenagers in the Metaverse, such as vulnerability to offensive content and communications with unknown persons who may have malicious intentions. The lawmakers also stressed the influence on mental health and social development, as well as the potential for addiction and excessive screen time.

According to the lawmakers Meta had failed to protect teenagers and had broken the trust of parents, pediatricians, and policymakers. Hence, it is very difficult for people to develop trust in Meta once again.

What is the Response of Meta?

A Meta representative reminded us that the company’s Quest VR platform which is mandatory to reach Horizon has always been intended for those ages 13+, and hence, it’s vital for Meta to target young people.

As the Metaverse continues to gain attention, fear about the potential risks for teenagers is likely to become more noticeable. With lawmakers urging for robust measures, it remains to be seen what action Meta will take to resolve these issues and ensure the safety of its teenage users.