Eureka Partners with Stake Technologies for CoinMusme Blockchain Game

Eureka Partners with Stake Technologies for CoinMusme Blockchain Game

Eureka Entertainment collaborates with Stake Technologies to advance the blockchain game “CoinMusme,” introducing a new character named “Astar” and announcing a special NFT giveaway event.

Key Points

  • Eureka Entertainment partners with Stake Technologies for blockchain game “CoinMusme,” introducing a new character, “Astar.”
  • To celebrate Astar’s introduction, Eureka Entertainment plans to distribute 100 exclusive NFTs through a special giveaway event.
  • Astar is Japan’s premier smart contract blockchain, known for its developer incentives program and Polkadot-backed security.
  • Stake Technologies is developing the Astar Network/Shiden Network for Polkadot/Kusama mainnets, offering financial and technical support.

Eureka Entertainment Ltd., led by CEO Takuya Tsuji, has officially declared a collaboration with Stake Technologies Pte. Ltd., under the leadership of CEO Sota Watanabe. The partnership aims to further the development of the blockchain game “CoinMusme.” A significant highlight of this collaboration is the introduction of a new character, “Astar.”

Special Giveaway Event to Celebrate the Introduction of Astar

To commemorate the introduction of “Astar,” a special event is in the pipeline. Eureka Entertainment is set to distribute 100 exclusive NFTs to a select group of fortunate users. Those interested in participating in the giveaway need to follow both the Astar Network and Coinmusme_En Twitter accounts. Additionally, liking and retweeting the giveaway tweet from the Coinmusme_En account is essential for eligibility. For comprehensive details on the giveaway, potential participants are directed to the Musme Twitter account.

A Closer Look at Astar Network

Astar stands out as Japan’s premier smart contract blockchain. It supports both EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments and ensures seamless interoperability between the two through its Cross-Virtual Machine. With the robust security infrastructure of Polkadot backing it, Astar has emerged as a beacon in the blockchain sector. The platform has been pivotal in driving corporate adoption on an international scale and fueling consumer interest in web3 technologies.

A unique feature of Astar is its developer incentives program. This initiative not only fosters network growth but also rewards the community and developers. It offers incentives to developers for creating and sustaining decentralized applications. Concurrently, users are rewarded for endorsing their preferred projects, thereby promoting the holistic growth of the ecosystem.

Insight into Stake Technologies

Stake Technologies Pte. Ltd. is at the forefront of developing the hub blockchain ‘Astar Network/Shiden Network’ tailored for the Polkadot/Kusama mainnets. The platform encompasses features like EVM, Layer2 solutions, and bridges to diverse chains. With a fund of approximately 3.3 billion yen, the company extends both financial and technical assistance to projects and entities that contribute to the ‘Astar Network/Shiden Network.’

CoinMusme’s Expanding Horizons

While the introduction of “Astar” is a significant milestone, CoinMusme’s vision doesn’t stop there. The platform is actively seeking collaborations with various cryptocurrencies and NFT projects. Their commitment is evident in their endeavor to unveil more distinctive characters in the foreseeable future. Projects keen on exploring partnership opportunities with CoinMusme are encouraged to reach out.

About CoinMusme

Developed by Eureka Entertainment, CoinMusme is a blockchain game poised to set a benchmark in the “Play to Earn” domain. Slated for launch by the end of the current year, the game will showcase idol characters that draw inspiration from cryptocurrencies.