Norwegian Police Seize $5.9M from a Crypto Game

Norwegian Police Seize $5.9M from a Crypto Game

Norwegian police have seized a large chunk of money, resulting in around 60 million kroner (roughly $5.9 M) from a crypto game named Axie Infinity. This seizure did not happen overnight. The authorities have been in search of these scammers since last year.

The incident occurred in March 2022 when a group of hackers hacked a crypto game called Axie Infinity and stole around $5.9 million. There was no clue about these people. After much pressure from the victims, the authorities started getting serious about this case.

It is not the only instance of crypto theft by North Korean hackers. Last year, around $1 billion in crypto theft was carried out by hackers from North Korea. Moreover, the authorities found that most of these attacks were under the control of North Korea’s primary intelligence agency Reconnaissance General Bureau. Later, it was found that North Korea uses the stolen money to fund its new missiles and weapons of mass destruction. Here is a tweet from Bloomberg.

This seizure is said to be the largest crypto seizure ever made by the Norwegian authorities. Further, this incident clearly shows that the blockchain and crypto world is not completely safe, and criminals can use advanced methods to initiate even bigger scams.