Web3 Golf Company Play Today Unveils World-First Golf Metaverse Platform

Web3 Golf Company Play Today Unveils World-First Golf Metaverse Platform

Have you ever wondered about playing golf virtually? If yes then get ready to enjoy this unique experience as Play Today, a leading web3 golf company, has unveiled the arrival of the world’s first Golf Metaverse. The platform is set to transform the way golf is played, experienced, and consumed by golf fans across the world.

Play Today will also bring the world’s first golf innovation center, named “Drummond Golf“, within which players can explore the innovation center and leverage augmented reality to digitally explore innovative new golfing products from big golf brands.

How does this Platform Benefit Players?

Golf Metaverse is a virtual platform where golfers can play, display their digital golf collectibles (NFT), socialize, and compete with other players in a fully immersive environment. It helps golfers to experience the thrill of playing on some of the world’s most iconic courses virtually. The metaverse offers state-of-the-art graphics and realistic physics, providing golfers with a real life experience.

Play Today has collaborated with Golf NSW and Drummond Golf to bring this innovative platform. Golf NSW is the representative body for amateur golf in New South Wales, Australia, and is responsible for promoting the game of golf in the state. Fans can witness this unique livestream event on the company’s official website.

The event will feature an array of benefits including a virtual golf tournament, and much more. Over 80,000 people are likely to participate in this live-stream event throughout the four-day tournament.

What are the Future Plans?

Play Today has big ambitions for the future of the Golf Metaverse. The company is expected to bring more courses, features, and experiences to the platform, making it the golf hub for players and enthusiasts.