India to Host International Conference on Cybersecurity

India to Host International Conference on Crime and Security in the Era of NFT, AI, and Metaverse

India is all set to host an international conference on security and crime in the era of artificial intelligence (AI), NFT, and Metaverse. The conference, which will be the second major security and crime conference hosted by India, will take place in July and will be attended by delegates from all G20 countries.

According to officials, the summit will feature delegations from 20 countries, fighting about various crimes, as well as tech giants from India and worldwide. High-ranking officials, including DGPs and state chief secretaries, will also take part in the conference. Amit Shah, Union Home Minister, will chair the first day of the conference.

Conference Focus: NFTs, AI, Darknet and More

One of the main topics of discussion at the conference will be the links between NFTs and money laundering. Several countries have raised their concerns about using NFTs for terror financing and money laundering. This will be addressed through brainstorming sessions on key issues.

The use of AI in detecting criminal activities will also be a topic of discussion. It is worth noting that the Indian Army has already implemented AI for carrying out operations in critical regions such as Jammu and Kashmir. The conference will also cover Darknet and its use in crime and new-generation currency.

Moreover, Metaverse will also be discussed as an important aspect of the discussions. Sources have stated that the crime scenario has changed immensely in the era of Metaverse and NFT. Therefore, discussions on cybercrime and threats sponsored by states will also be conducted.

The conference is expected to provide a platform for all participating countries to discuss and develop a strategy to combat international crime and security in the age of NFT, AI, and the Metaverse.