Zealy Review

Zealy Review: Build Stronger Communities with the Ultimate Contributor Experience

The Web3 industry is snowballing, with new projects and protocols emerging daily. In this dynamic and fast-moving landscape, building a strong community is more important than ever. A community can be the driving force behind the success of a Web3 project, helping to spread the word, attract new users, and provide valuable feedback to the team.

But building a community takes work. It requires a deep understanding of what motivates users, how to engage them, and how to keep them returning. That’s where Zealy comes in. Zealy is a comprehensive solution for growing and engaging Web3 communities, trusted by over 1000 communities to date. 

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at Zealy’s features and explore how they can help Web3 projects build stronger communities.

The Ultimate Contributor Experience 

As a community manager, onboarding new members and keeping them engaged can be challenging. Fortunately, Zealy offers an easy and effective solution with its Ultimate Contributor Experience. 

With Zealy, community managers can simplify the process of onboarding new members and encourage them to contribute more often to their communities.

Automatic Onboarding Flow

One of the key features of Zealy is its automatic onboarding flow. This feature makes onboarding new members a breeze by guiding them through a sequence of tasks. 

By creating a specific set of tasks, community managers can help new members learn more about the community, understand their role within it, and contribute more effectively. This can lead to a more engaged and active community.

Sequence of Tasks

Zealy allows community managers to set up a sequence of tasks that new members can complete to become active contributors. These tasks can be customized based on the community’s goals and the members’ interests. 

For example, community managers can create tasks that require members to interact with the community, such as joining a community call or participating in a discussion. 

These tasks can be completed at the member’s own pace, allowing them to become familiar with the community’s dynamics and build relationships with other members.

Discord Role Rewards

Zealy also offers Discord role rewards as an incentive for members to complete tasks. By completing tasks, members can earn a Discord role that gives them access to additional channels and resources within the community. 

This reward system motivates members to complete tasks, recognizes their contributions, and fosters a sense of community.

Understanding Member Motivation

To encourage members to contribute more frequently, Zealy helps community managers understand what motivates each member. Using Zealy, community managers can customize tasks and rewards based on members’ interests and engagement histories, leading to more active and engaged members.

Fairdrops: Your New Superpower

Those who don’t want to reward community members who don’t contribute meaningfully to their projects can use Zealy’s Fairdrops feature. By combining contributions, on-chain, and off-chain data, Zealy’s Fairdrops ensure that members who drive the results that matter to you are rewarded fairly.

Personalized Data-Driven Automation and Rewards

Zealy’s Fairdrops feature offers personalized data-driven automation and rewards, which unlock limitless potential for your community. In addition, the feature helps you customize your reward system and make it more meaningful for your community members. 

Zealy’s Fairdrops use a combination of on-chain and off-chain data to reward members who meet your criteria, such as making meaningful contributions or holding a certain number of tokens.

How it Works

To use Zealy’s Fairdrops feature, you first need to create a campaign and set a goal that matters to your community. Members who contribute the most code, drive the most traffic to your website, or hold the most tokens, for example, could be rewarded. Then, Zealy’s algorithm analyzes the data to determine which members meet your criteria and distributes rewards accordingly.

Fairdrops can be used with both on-chain and off-chain rewards. Zealy’s Fairdrops feature also offers customization options, such as setting a cap on rewards or distributing them over time. On-chain rewards are automatically distributed to members’ wallets, while off-chain rewards can be manually redeemed through the platform.

Works Smarter, Plays Harder, Goes Further

Zealy’s gamified sprints feature incentivizes community engagement and rewards top contributors, making it easy to keep contributions fun and motivate members to participate.

  • Periodic Leaderboard Rewards: Zealy makes it easy for users to incentivize community engagement and reward top contributors with periodic leaderboard rewards.
  • Achievement-Based Rewards: Users can set up achievement-based rewards to motivate members, whether it be through participating in events or contributing to the community.
  • Automated Leaderboard Management: Zealy’s fully automated leaderboard management system frees up time for community managers to focus on other aspects of community growth.
  • Real-Time Engagement Metrics: Zealy’s gamified sprints feature provides real-time engagement metrics that help users identify top contributors and track the progress of their sprints.

Autopilot On 

Zealy’s Autopilot feature is a powerful tool that can help users reach new members faster than ever. With customized automation flows, users can effortlessly onboard new members, reward referrals, and create social boosts. 

Here’s how Zealy’s Autopilot feature can help you:

  • Automated Flows: From onboarding to social boosts, Zealy’s automation flows can help users engage with their community members and grow their community seamlessly.
  • Customized Logic: Zealy’s Autopilot feature also allows users to tailor their automation flows according to their community’s unique needs.
  • Referral System: Zealy’s Autopilot allows users to build an incredibly powerful referral system by incentivizing members to refer their colleagues and friends to join their community.
  • Social Boosts: With Zealy’s Autopilot, you can boost your project’s visibility by incentivizing your members to engage with your community on social media.

Zealy’s Autopilot feature is designed to make community management effortless and efficient. By automating tasks and rewards, users can save time and focus on growing and engaging their community.


Zealy is an all-in-one solution for building stronger Web3 communities. With features like the Ultimate Contributor Experience, Fairdrops, Gamified Sprints, and Autopilot, Zealy makes community management effortless and efficient. Zealy’s web3 CRM and analytics also help users get a 360° view of their community, enabling them to personalize member experiences and measure the impact of their community. 

Whether you’re onboarding new members or boosting your Twitter presence, Zealy has the tools you need to grow and engage your community. So why wait? Try Zealy today and see how it can help you build a stronger Web3 community!