Bitcoin May Surge Amid US Government Shutdown Speculations

SMI Vantage New Bitcoin Mining Facility in Sarawak

SMI Vantage aims to establish a state-of-the-art bitcoin mining facility in Sarawak, Malaysia, capitalizing on renewable energy, government support, and sustainability. Key Points SMI Vantage, a prominent cryptocurrency mining company, has recently announced its ambitious plan to establish a cutting-edge bitcoin mining facility in the picturesque state of Sarawak, nestled in the heart of Borneo, Malaysia. With the growing popularity …

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Survey Reveals Bitcoin Mining Council's Sustainable Growth

Survey Reveals Bitcoin Mining Council’s Sustainable Growth

The Bitcoin Mining Council’s survey reveals its 43.4% global mining dominance, emphasizing sustainable practices and shaping the industry’s future. The Bitcoin Mining Council (BMC) has recently revealed the results of a comprehensive survey showcasing the remarkable dominance of the BMC in the global mining network. According to the survey, the BMC holds an impressive 43.4% share of the entire mining …

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